Mahogany Lyre Harp



Special Features:

1. Premium Quality – The lyre harp is made of high-density mahogany. It can give the sound greater depth, complexity, clarity, and resonance. This instrument’s surface is exceptionally smooth to hold and touch thanks to extensive polishing and burnishing.

2. Pure Sound – When you gently tap a string, listen carefully, you will feel the change and movement in each sound. Then immerse yourself in a soothing, all-natural sound, relax and release stress.

3. Exquisite Appearance Design – The unique design pattern on the sound hole was designed by a professional designer and is beautiful and unique.

4. 10/16 Strings Design – The tone of the lyre is clean and melodious, and the timbre is very stable in the classical folk pentatonic mode. Equipped with durable ten or sixteen steel strings, you can use the wrench to adjust the tension of the string by turning clockwise or counterclockwise.

5. Suitable For Various Fields – The ideal present for children, adults, beginners, your sweetheart, friends, musicians, and bands, Great for relaxing, family time, outdoor activities, school, and recording.